“I really enjoyed attending the workshop and communicating with the Career Leap staff. The information provided in the workshops was exceptional” – Mohammad H.

“The topics presented were all chosen to help us find and retain a career that would suit us. The information is very relevant and eye-opening. The workshops are well laid out, organized, and easy to understand” – Lara G.

“The Career Leap Services, led by it’s wonderful team, provided me with an opportunity to improve and change my life. The knowledge, feedback, and support that I have received has boosted my optimism for a better career.” – Kassem A.

“The content of each presentation is very rich and provided me with the empowerment to succeed in my job search”- Eric I.


“I love the Career Leap program! The staff are very attentive by ensuring they understand our individual goals, provide fantastic workshops, and support us by helping us stay positive and motivated to achieve our goals. After one day of being accepted into the program, I let the staff know that I had a job interview coming up. They immediately scheduled me in for a mock practice interview. They provided honest and helpful feedback for improvement and gave me the tools for success. I aced the interview. Although my journey with Career Leap was short, I truly valued those two weeks and will carry these great lessons I learned moving forward. On this difficult and long journey (I’ve been searching for a year), it’s so nice to know that someone cared enough to help me succeed. Big shout out to Wonai Masvingise and Sheryll Westcarr! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – O.L.

“Where do I start? Insightful! Superb! Wonderful! There are no amount of adjectives I could use to describe the level of detail, advice and support provided to me by Career Leap, Calgary during my recent job search. There is no question the job market in Calgary is very tough right now.  I had been laid off from a job in the oil & gas industry and the prospects were slim I would be able to find work again in that industry.  Also, I fell in the “mature worker” category, so I knew I need to convince employers that my skills were still relevant. I both wanted and needed to make a career change, however, I struggled to determine what direction to go in and what my transferable skills were.   At a career boot camp, I learned about Career Leap Calgary and I signed up at the end of November, 2018.  It was the boost I needed to take my job search to the next level as the workshops, additional resources, examples, and solid career advice that was provided to me were invaluable. Through Career Leap Calgary, I found out about a wonderful opportunity and was coached from writing the cover letter and crafting the resume, to practicing for the interview.  I successfully landed the job and could not be happier.  I attribute my success in a large part to the great coaching and support I received from Career Leap, Calgary!” – D.C.